About Us

Ashleigh and Barrett Pepper opened Pepper’s School of Music and Art as a way to make music and art more accessible to students on the North side of San Antonio. They are very passionate about education, and helping students grow not only as musicians and artists, but as individuals. They started the school in 2010 out of their own home with two instructors and a just a handful of students. Within two years, Pepper’s has grown to one of the largest music schools in the San Antonio area, all while keeping its commitment to excellence and continuing to treat students like family.

Music Lessons

Private music lessons occur on a weekly basis for 30 or 45 minute increments. We provide private lessons for Piano, Vocals, Violin, Viola, Guitar, Bass and Drums. We dedicate ourselves to the students that we train, making sure that they receive top tier instruction. Our goal is to help our students grow into high quality, well-rounded musicians.

Operating Hours

Monday 2:00pm to 8:00pm
Tuesday 2:00pm to 8:00pm
Wednesday 2:00pm to 8:00pm
Thursday 2:00pm to 8:00pm
Fri – Closed
Saturday 12:00pm to 5:00pm
Sunday 12:00pm to 5:00pm

Art Lessons

Private art lessons occur on a weekly basis for 30 minute increments. They are offered for anyone 4 years and older, and we welcome adults and seniors to join us too! During this time, you and your instructor will work through a variety of art theory, mediums, and then focus on improving and refining your skills. There is typically small amounts of work to be completed at home between sessions, usually sketching, to keep the student progressing.

Monthly Rates

30 Minute Music/Art Lessons
4 Lessons/Month

$115 One Student
$215 Two Students
$315 Three Students

"My sons drum teacher is Barett and he is wonderful, patient and kind. Goes with the flow. My son enjoys having a young and cool drum teacher. The school is organized and on top of things!"

- Ryan S.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you teach?

Music Lessons: Piano, Vocals, Guitar, Drums, and Violin.
Art Lessons: Drawing, Shading, Photography, Color Theory, Watercolors and Acrylics

At what age do you start lessons?

We prefer our students to start music lessons when they start school, or around 5 years of age.

What if I've never played before?

Have no fear! Our teachers will walk you through the process from the very beginning, at your own pace.

What should I do during my student's lesson?

You are welcome to run errands or stay on site. We have a waiting area, homework tables, video games, coffee, and Wifi. Make yourselves at home!

Do you teach adults?

Absolutely! Our school is dedicated to music education, no matter the age. Our instructors are prepared with age-appropriate lesson plans to fit your needs.

Do I need my own instrument?

Yes! It doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive, and our teachers are happy to assist you in finding just the right fit.

What curriculum do you use?

This is entirely tailored to each musician and their goals! Whatever books you need will be ordered and delivered at no extra cost.

How do you choose your instructors?

We hire teachers with formal music education, years of experience, and a friendly demeanor. We also run thorough background checks on every one.

"I took my 5-year old daughter to Pepper's to learn piano. We are both impressed with how patient and friendly the staff/teachers are!"

- Jenn B.

"I am learning piano quickly from my piano teacher, Rachel, at Pepper's School of Music. She is patient and explains everything well."

- Krystal D.

Digital Video Recitals

We are proud to announce the beginning of our Digital Recital program! We professionally light and record our students performing their milestone pieces. After the video and audio are edited, we will publish the video to YouTube and our website, so you can easily share it with family and friends. This is an entirely free new program, offered as a gift to all of our awesome students.

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